How to program eric charger

• Higher power AC chargers (>15kW) are not eligible All units must be hardwired and installed in keeping with applicable program requirements and SMUD electric service requirements. All units must be fed through a SMUD EV data meter. • See Electric Service Requirement T014 for more details All units must be UL approved.

The Orion BMS and Orion JR utility both have built in support for the Delta-Q IC series charger CAN protocol making it very easy to enable support for them. Steps for configuring the BMS to communicate with the Delta-Q Charger: 1.) Open the Orion BMS software utility and load the appropriate profile into the editor by either downloading the.





Club Car Introduces ERIC Charger for Precedent Golf Cars April 2, 2014. Club Car, the largest maker of small four-wheel electric vehicles in the world, has introduced a new high-frequency, solid-state charger known as ERIC.

April 04, 2022 11:19. See attached algorithms files for the IC series chargers. Each .zip file has a "CHARGER" folder. Extract the folder to a freshly formatted USB drive and follow the instructions on the following article: IC Series: How to Upgrade software and Algorithms via USB. Link to profile descriptions: Algorithms Descriptions.

The E.R.I.C. We are most excited about the new charging system! The E.R.I.C. system saves you money by reducing energy consumption during a charge cycle. It is constructed to last, with a housing that is sealed to prevents dust, debris and other contaminants from entering. It is the very first charger to operate at a greater range (85-270 volts).